Class Descriptions


Core Yoga Flow

Intermediate/ Advanced  Set & achieve personal goals & be empowered.  Core Flow guarantees to tone the muscles in the core & dramatically improve your overall strength.  Creative asana sequencing and arm balances will be seamlessly integrated into this dynamic flow with a resulting increase in physical & mental stamina.  This is a beautiful space to truly deepen your practice.


Yoga Essentials

Open to all levels. This is the perfect class for students who are new to Yoga or need to refine their practice. This class focuses on poses to stretch and strenghten the whole body.  Empahsis is given to the basic principles of alignment to all poses.



All Levels.  This class will prepare students for a more vigorous flow of yoga that synchronizes breath with movement.  It will offer a balance of strength, flexibility & endurance.  Class with begin with instruction on the alignment of the poses and move toward linking all the poses together in a continuous flow.


Simply Sweet

Beginner     This class includes gentle stretches and breathing and well as simple movements designed to systematically increase the range of motion of every major joint and increase energy.  This class is ideal for new students or those with chronic symptoms such as muscle/joint pain, stiffness, weakness or fatigue.


Blissful Hips

Beginner/ Intermediate.  An opportunity to unwind & release in our deepest depths- our hips, low back, thighs, & glutes.  A great practice to strengthen and open the lower body.  Very little upper body involved.



All Levels  This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop leaner, longer – looking muscles, establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness.  Props may be incorporated to add variety.


Simply Sculpted

Intermediate/ Advanced. This is not your average class! Using your own body weight, pilates, stability balls,& bands, you will squat, lunge, lift, squeeze, sweat & sculpt your way to a sronger, sexier body in no time.


Kids Yoga

Ages 8-13 & Ages 4-7 (pre-registration required)

Self expression and imagination is encouraged using games, stories, music, art, and partner yoga to explore postures & relaxation that help improve self-awareness, esteem & confidence.


Yoga Therapuetics

Injured or higher need  This class is designed for individuals who have some physical limitations & require more attention & guidance from the instructor.  A mainly floor-based practice in which props & supports may be used.


Simply Sexy Mama – Mom’s & Babies

Designed for Mom to train with baby and to take some time out for herself while getting leaner, stronger, and feeling great.  (Sign up is required)


Teen Yoga

Pre-registration required. (please see workshops for full details)


Yoga Pilates Fusion

All Levels This class is the perfect blend of strength, stability and stretch…. exactly what you need to pick you up and keep you going strong into the day.